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Another fuel crisis?


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With the shortage of gas due to that pipeline hack, are we heading for another fuel crisis?

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Media driven crisis. Wish they would keep their yaps shut.


viewership must be drying up


I found the real reason for the gas shortage



Other people: Social Media

This is definitely the reason behind all this lol.


Prices are going up regardless. Inflation is going to hit hard. 

You got that right my friend.


I'm not sure why people blame the media, but boy...they love doing it for absolutely everything.

The "gas shortage" is actually a tanker driver shortage. When the pandemic hit, the lovely American transport companies that everyone loves immediately fired/furloughed their American workers without a second thought. Why? Capitalism. It doesn't work in the developed world, but I digress. 

Fast forward to today and companies, greedy by their very nature, want those same workers to come back and work for them now that demand has picked up. However, said workers have realized that being stabbed in the back burns so they are giving the finger to their former employers and are happy to stay with their current job situation. Now, said employers simply won't pay a living wage....because they're in a Catch-22. They could hire more workers, which would get supply out there and end the shortages virtually overnight as the supply itself is plentiful. OR, they could not pay decent wages for workers and just say too bad and hope demand wanes enough to keep us going until they find enough replacement drivers desperate enough to work for peanuts to move their supply. And, of course, if demand wanes again, those same workers will be treated as the last....stabbed in the back and let go immediately. 

Because 'Murica. Long story short, this has nothing to do with the media. They reported that a shortage could occur due to a shortage of drivers. PEOPLE panicked as always and caused the problem. Blaming someone for telling the truth seems to be the norm in this country these days. Anyways, the shortage sucks BUT we are not headed toward a fuel crisis. Unlike previous times, there is actually an abundance of fuel ready for purchase. It just needs to be delivered to gas stations so that it can be sold.

TL;DR: No, we are not headed towards a fuel shortage. 

LOL. I wondered which old meme you would post. Wink

oldie but a goodie Smile


Prices will certainly go up. Panic buying will create shortages and gas lines in some places. It should be short-term. (I've already lived through this twice in the 1970s. This problem should not be nearly as bad this time as long as they get the pipeline back up and running soon.)


The pipeline hack, no, is not a gas crisis nor will it likely precipitate one.  It’s a short term problem, painful, but temporary. (Which is why the “tanker truck driver shortage” meme is a red herring.  Tanker trucks are a temporary solution to a temporary problem.  But long term they are less efficient than pipelines.)

However, gas prices were rising before the pipeline hack.  This reflects several factors, primarily a secular undercurrent of inflation (arising in part from the feds helicoptering $ every time something bad happens) as well as the Biden administrations policies to restrict long term fuel supply, specifically.  Frankly, I don’t see any interest in DC in getting inflation under control, nor do I see the administration doing much to encourage petroleum supply.  So I think we can expect rising gas prices for the next few years. Then the risk is that there could be a black swan to trigger a true fuel crisis, or alternatively a deflationary crisis that sends the whole economy into a spin.  I am afraid slow, gradual fuel inflation looks like the best case scenario.


Yep, everyones running to every gas station in town, waiting 20-30 cars deep , creating a gas crisis. 

it's the TP thing all over again. Thanks deceptive media.


Agreed, there is no media in this country. The rich will get richer during this. Its all about money and control. Anyway going to try cleaning my recently purchased 2007 Lexus es 350 headlights with mothers mag & aluminum cleaner.

Mothers 05100 Mag & Aluminum


@Mod_Man  Thanks for the info on what is happening with the truckers. It sounds like a very bad situation and the companies are doing what they do, screw over people and lower the wages they pay. I am in the Washington DC area and heard an ad on the radio to pay truckers two thousand dollars if they come to that trucking company ?

Yes they are offering sign on bonuses right now, BUT there are usually requirements. In other words, you can get the bonus IF you sign a contract saying you will work for $xxx for so many years. And, as we all know, $2000 these days doesn't go far.