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Which used Toyota SUV should I buy


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Hello Scotty; Because I watch your shows, I don't have time for movies anymore.

I live in an isolated area of Northern Ontario Canada and I am looking for a (more current the better) used reliable 4 wheel or all wheel drive SUV, preferably a Toyota - something that I can work on myself if it breaks. What should I look for and what year /vehicle should I buy?


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Welcome new member.  The toyota guys and gals on the forum seem to think 4Runners are pretty DIY-able.  Certainly won't have any trouble getting parts.  And it is pretty much the gold standard for reliability in the world (except maybe the Land Cruiser).

I don't think there is a bad year, but for details you can look at

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The only issue I remember is the old 3.0 V6 that was in the 1990-1995 4Runner. They blew head gaskets about every 70k. Other than that, they don't have many issues.