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2007 Honda Civic keep or sell?


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Hi Scotty,

I have a 2007 civic coupe with a 165000 miles.   I had issues with it in the past (water pump, starter replaced) My AC is out. Please note I'm a middle aged woman who may be looking into a new/used vehicle.   I don't want to spend a lot of money.   I'm considering a sedan or a SUV.  Would you recommend I keep the vehicle or get into something else?   I need some guidance here.   I just watched some of your UTube videos.   Help!   

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Posted by: @mymomo

I need some guidance here.

Numero uno, start looking out for a honest mechanic, in/near your area.

Once you find the right mechanic, have them give your vehicle a once over and evaluate what kind of shape it’s in. 

Water pump and starter are wear and tear replacements. Hardly a reason to get rid of a vehicle. The AC however, can be a very $$$ repair, depending on what’s broken. This is where you need a honest mechanic to diagnose what’s going on. Not just a parts changer who’s out after your wallet (purse).

All the best!


Honestly it largely depends on your financial situation. I’d keep this one going but start saving up for a used but “less used” car so that I can afford it. Car prices are still very high unfortunately 


Definitely first do what @itwt said above. If afterwards you realize and you need to buy another car there are different options based on what your financial situation is. Used car prices are high still. New cars are hard to find available on the lot without a bunch of dealership added items so you'll have to find a dealership willing to sell at msrp and put your name on an incoming unit. If you end up needing a new car and can afford it and you plan on keeping it until in runs consider buying new. Get a base Corolla or Civic, or base Corolla Cross or Rav4. These are good cars that with proper maintenance can last a good amount of time.


If you're to sell, I'd fix everything to ensure the max value. Assuming there's nothing major wrong ( frame damage, transmission problems, oil or compression issues, compressor gone out, brake and suspension damage, steering rack worn out, etc) then you should find a sale easily. Hondas make the best cars hands down with the exception of Toyota. If you keep it I know air compressorsbcan get expensive but it may not be that ls the problem