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Toyota vs Mazda purchase choice?


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I'm thinking of purchasing either a Mazda CX5 ( or CX50 )  OR a Toyota Vensa ( with CVT).  Which would you choose?

Thank you for your opinion.

My wife has a 2018 CX5 and it does NOT have cylinder deactivation. Maybe older models have this???

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Toyota Venza is hybrid and Toyota has been making hybrid and cvt for a very long time now and they've basically perfected it. The Mazdas you are considering going from memory almost all of them have cylinder deactivation and I am not a fan of this system. I would go with the Venza; just keep up with the basic maintenance and it will last you a long time.


My recommendation would be the Venza for longevity and projected lower cost maintenance, but my personal choice would be the CX50. I just like what Mazda is doing with their cars inside and out. 


Just looked at a Venza a couple weeks ago with my wife. They definitely have a premium feel, but they are not cheap and are smaller than they look. If I was looking for a small crossover for myself for daily driver it’s what I would get. But not sure it’s the most bang for the buck.