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[Solved] Buying a used car


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Hey Scotty, I've been watching your channel for 2 years now and have learned so much, and thank you for that. I am 18 going on 19 and recently had to junk a 2002 honda odyssey for power steering failure. I don't want to spend more than 4-5k and looking for a daily driver with decent to good gas mileage and reliablilty. 

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Search this forum and you will find plenty of information. Quick answer is Camry, Corolla, Civic, Accord.


Under the FAQ at the top, you will find this - LOTS of info


I live in the absolute armpit of used car pricing...  Southern California.

I have seen numerous $3,500 Toyota Matrixes that have been decently maintained.  I even found a $2,000 2008 Matrix with good service records and 204k on it. Problem was the guy wasn't willing to hold it for me until my bank opened on Monday. 


Personally, I wasn't looking at anything older than 2006. I think that was the year that the Corolla/Matrix engine had improvements in the engine construction. It's been a year so my memory might be off, I think it was anything built after May of 2005 had the improvement.


As with any Toyota, you can go to the Toyota owners website, sign up, drop the VIN into the field and get information about the original options and statistics (like the date when the car was first sold, when the car was ordered at the factory). You can also go to the service history and see what you can there.  If anything, you can look at when they put in new airbags in and check the mileage. People sure like to roll back Toyota odometers 


Similarly you can sign up for a Carfax account and add the vehicles to your garage and see some basic information about servicing and mileage.


So, what car did I end up buying? Rav4s, two of them.


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See member Kerem's car buying pages in the Used Car Buying Guide ("I need to buy a vehicle" in FAQ) for years to avoid and other helpful links



Depends really on what you want. A to B sedan, hatchback, wagon, SUV, minivan??? What year range. How long do you plan to keep it...? etc.

The Toyota Corolla would fit the bill for your needs I think.

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Corolla, Camry, Accord, Civic, Matrix, Vibe.....there are a lot.