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Hey Scotty 

I was thinking about trading my 2018 Ford Escape for  2019/20/21 Rav4 not because there is anything wrong with my Escape but because of the Toyota reliability reputation. However, I looked up the Rav 4 of these years and it seems  there is a massive amount of complaints about the transmission. Is it because it's the new 8 speed? Your thoughts?


Montreal Canada

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The complaints were strictly about performance, not reliability. Also I think that Toyota has since fixed it.


People are worries simply because the way the 8 AT performs.


I think you would be better off with the previous generation's later years (2016 - 2018) with a 6 speed automatic


my wife drives a '19, absolutely loves that thang


In the last 2 months, I have bought a 2015 and 2018 RAV4 strictly because of the transmission design. 

Looking at used Rav4s, I met quite a few people who bought the new models and we're selling their old ones, including somebody who bought a 2021. All of them said that they liked their old one better. One of them was a home health care company owner. She bought a few 2020 models. Her employees complained to her, she says. She also said she gets better gas mileage out of the new cars in her fleet.

Because of the current shortage of new and used cars in the Southern California region, I wasn't able to be so choosy and I bought a 2015. I would highly recommend a 2017 or 2018 model so you get the standard option lane departure and emergency braking sensor system.

There are a lot of great things about the 2015 that we got. The thing is, I bought these for my kids and I have a sense of regret that I couldn't get the extra safety equipment on the 2015 as I do on the 2018.

Something else to keep in mind, using Toyota's Techstream software, or having your dealer do it, you can reset the transmission control module memory If the previous driver wasn't very good. If you test drive a car and it shifts at weird spots, that memory reset can be very helpful. There is a relearn procedure that do need to print out. Oh, don't forget to change the transmission fluid at 60k.  You can do a drain and fill which helps rejuvenate the additives If the previous owner how to use the car does not have service records. No matter what Toyota you buy, login to the Toyota owners website and register your car.



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