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Civic cooling fans run constantly


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Hi, I drive an '09 Honda civic. (151,000 miles) My battery which is 3 months old was completely dead today. Auto Zone gave me a new one and when I hooked it up, I saw why my battery was drained. Once I had the contacts installed, I saw that both fans that cool the radiator were constantly running. I see where they are connected to the battery.... should I try and disconnect them, then e-connect?? Help, please. The car started fine and everything worked, the cooling fans wont shut off. Thanks for your help...

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Does this help?


@yaser... Im guessing a bad relay. Luckily, I have so many sources now..thanks to Scotty. Also, thank you too. Im not gonna worry about it today.


Is it that they continue running when the car is off? Because otherwise it won't drain the battery. Otherwise, yes, you will need to get them fixed.

@billybob yes, they run all the time when the battery is hooked up, car is off.