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Change manual gearbox oil on 2014 Fiat Linea?


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Hi,got a 2014 Fiat Linea 1.3 multijet Euro 5 motor manuel gearbox at 200000km, I've spoken to couple of mechanics about changing the gearbox oil, I've been told that manuel gearbox oils don't need changing unless something was wrong with the gearbox, been told they would just top up the oil.just bought the car not sure if the oil has ever been changed before.should I change the oil or keep topping it up.Thank You for your help


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There's no harm in changing gear oil in a manual gearbox, and unless there is a leak you shouldn't need to be "topping it up". You need to find better mechanics.


Why do you need to "keep topping it up"? Is it leaking? Change the gear oil, these "mechanics" you're dealing with don't seem to be qualified for the title. Changing gearbox oil on a manual transmission won't do anything to help it if there's something wrong inside. They are splash lubricated shafts and gears, the only way they can really break is if you drive them low on oil constantly, or are a really terrible driver and wear out the synchros. If there's an internal problem like this with these things, new gear oil isn't going to fix it. Very expensive new parts will. If anything, not changing it will cause increased wear over time as debris builds up in the fluid. It also slowly breaks down. The debris wears out bearings, gear teeth, etc. not to mention the slow breakdown of the oil reduces lubrication quality. Change the oil.

I agree, just want to add some prospective to the mechanics reactions:
On these Fiat Grande Punto based designs, usually owners don't care - never seen one care about his Punto. You just don't see owners that want to replace the gearbox fluid, usually they're so fed up with their fiat they don't want to spend a single penny more than what's required to keep it running (and usually that's already quite a big sum, your experience may differ a lot - but I've never seen a happy Punto owner)
Although I genuinely think that you should replace the fluid in the gearbox, it's inexpensive and may prevent expensive repairs - what those mechanics mean is that even if you don't replace it, chances are that it's still going to outlast everything under the hood of that car.

I've never dealt with a Fiat, luckily, haha. I've noticed there are next to no Fiat 500s around my neck of the woods in the States anymore. We know why. My experience with gearboxes comes from helping my step dad change the gear oil in his Mustangs and from learning how they work in a couple engineering classes in school. One of the classes had an old Honda 5-speed with a quarter of the case cut away so students could see and interact with the synchros. I was studying aerospace engineering, but have always had an interest in cars, and I found that pretty cool. We learned how to calculate engine speeds in the different ratios at different wheel RPMs, torque multiplication, etc.

Yeah I've also noticed that, they were really popular where I live and only a few years later I don't see any left on the road. what's even funnier is that those tiny city cars were purchased by people who don't even drive much in the first place, says a lot about their quality 😂.
My experience with cars that I worked for quite a relatively short time on them just cause I was super interested to see what's going on, and being an owner of a money pit 1st gen Renault Mégane at the time already had quite a bit of experience with repair. I personally love gearboxes one of the most fascinating mechanical devices out there, directing a lot of power and altering the way it's transmitted with as little loss as possible is just fascinating to me.
That's so cool that they show engineers the inter-workings of things, nowadays the only things I saw in CS where PowerPoints and equations...


I would change it

Thank you Joe