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Cruise Control Broken


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2004 Toyota Prius, 297K+ miles. 

Cruise control just went out. It doesn’t even turn on when you push the on button. What are the probable causes and potential fixes? Thank you!

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I would start with a diagnostic scan from a fancy tool.

Damn. I only have a dinky scan tool. Perhaps time to upgrade!

the free autozone ones are fancy aren't they?

@kaizen is this a convenient excuse to go & buy Scotty’s $5000 scan tool?

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I’ll give it another try though!  Doesn’t hurt to try. 


This happened to my 2006 E63 and thankfully it was an easy fix in my case. I needed to calibrate the steering wheel by cranking fully to the left, then fully to the right... I thought it had something to do with the ESP (which also was coding), but by calibrating the steering wheel the system was reset and cruise control and ESP both worked fine. Apparently, the computer didn't know absolute left and right turning so couldn't determine if traveling straight or lane drifting. 

This happened because I disconnected the battery while the steering wheel was turned. not sure about the Toyota onboard computer, but thought I would mention it because in my case it was such an easy fix and I went months without cruise control until someone suggested to me.

Fascinating. I’ll give it a shot.