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4wd Van


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Dear Scotty,

Do you think it's possible to get a reliable 4wd van for $5k or less? I live in Colorado and need 4wd.

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A van for cargo/construction, or for people hauling?


Mercedes Sprinter is the only factory 4WD van that I know of. But you won't find one for $5k

There are aftermarket conversion companies, but they're also $50k+


For that kind of money, and if you're ok with AWD, Astro/Safari might be a good option.

Express/Savana also had a factory AWD option from 2003-2014. They are few and far between, and for $5k it will have one wheel already in the crusher.



How much do AWD Siennas cost there?


Chevrolet Astro Van comes to mind.  But they will be at least 16+ years old by now.

See MountainManJoe’s here (with some mods):

Also see here on its reliability: