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Engine Surge While Driving


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Scotty, I have a 2016 Honda Pilot. When driving at lower to medium speeds, with your foot held at a constant position the engine surges 4-6 hundred rpms. It will do the same with the cruse control engaged . No codes, the dealer has looked at it two times and without a history or an active code, they said there is nothing wrong. Could it be the variable timing control actuator?

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When was the last time your vehicle had a full tune up?

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Well it could actually be tons of things. Could be fuel pump going out fuel pump regulator transmission variable valve timing actuators you name it. I assume the dealers are just lazy slobs and didn't do a correct test which would be hooking up their fancy scan tool. Putting it on record taking for a road test until it acts up, then analyzing all that data. There are hundreds of points of data to analyze and if it acts up during the test that data will show where the problem lies. But most of those guys are too lazy to do that and they don't even have guys that can actually do such process because they pay peanuts at the dealers and often the mechanics aren't very good because they don't pay them much.