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Why am I getting these trouble codes.


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Please help me with following DTC's. P0174 P0113 P0401 

also p1000 p0500 p1318 p1352 b1313 b1450 b1428 

Stft -1.6 to 3.8

Ltft 16.4 bank 1

Stft bank 2 -0.8 to 3.9

Ltft 17.2

Ing timing 14 to 24

Throttle 18.8

Oxy 1 bank 1. .775

Stft sensor 99.2


I have a 1999 Ford F-150 with 210,000 miles on the odometer.

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You can use various websites to search these codes and act accordingly. Here is an example:


besides the codes, does your car show any symptoms?

Let us know the code translations and maybe we can help you.

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Been out of town. Truck runs ok, engine not as smooth as should be. Wanted to see if anyone could decipher the live data from scanner and tell me how engine performance was. It appeared to me the fuel trim was off a little. Couldn’t get PCV valve out. Rubber grommet is hardened.