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[Solved] Should I replace my timing belt


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I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Endeavor that KBB says is worth about $1781 trade-in value.  Private party $3852 (I would take that but that's probably unrealistic).  The timing belt was replaced at 60,000 miles, I'm now at 129,900.  Cost to replace $650+.  Would you replace it or run it until it fails?  It has an interference engine.

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The timing belt kit that includes a new water pump and all the gaskets runs around $285.  I'd see if I could find someone to do it cheaper.  What does your owner's manual maintenance say about how long to go before replacing the belt? 


Eh, probably replace the belt.  I think you are right that you won't get much for the car (unless you're lucky), but if you kill the motor then for sure you won't get anything for it.  

If you were to sell it now, then you will have to spend the time and $$ to get something else, which could/will have problems of its own.  You'd probably end up worse off.  

The car is probably getting near end-of-life, but if it is meeting your needs and is otherwise in good shape, then keep it going a little longer.