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Can I clean and reuse O2 Sensors?


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Good afternoon everyone hope all is well. Question is it possible to clean and reuse O2 Sensors? Today im havin a look at whats causing code P0420 to the Grand Cherokee as when I floor it I get the smell of a rotten egg so hinting its either the cats or the O2 sensors. If its the O2 sensors can I do that clean and reuse?

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Not if the heating elements are burnt out.

Check all these areas.



No. Not worth the trouble.


Typically not. The way an oxygen sensor works is there is a element that is plated with a catalyst which in the presence of hydrocarbons changes temperature. There is a heating element to get the process started. Through sensing temperature the amount of un-burned gas is calculated by the ECM. As the sensor ages that plating gets consumed and once gone the sensor stops functioning. There is a screen surrounding the actual sensing element that can clog or carbon up but typically the sensor is long gone by the time that happens. You  can try cleaning the sensor but 9 times out of ten it is reached the end of it's useful life. Cleaning can't hurt so try it. You have nothing to loose. I just would not let it go to long. If your running rich you can damage the catalytic converter. 

Oh okay. I will say this which I know I should've mentioned it but truth be told I haven't noticed any symptoms with code P0420 like it doesn't have bad gas mileage, no power loss or sluggish acceleration


I would not. 


It’s most likely the cat. The two times I had the P0420 code, it was the cat. Obviously, get the right diagnosis. 


It seems to me that by the time you remove the old sensors, try to clean them and reinstall,you could have just bought news sensors and install them.  There are lots or reasons upstream of the cat that can cause a p0420 code aside from the sensors.  I would seriously look at those too.

Remember, the p0420 code indicates a problem with the CAT System, not just the CAT itself.


What year and engine does it have?  You never said.

2014 with the 3.6L Pentastar V6