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Ford Mustang A/C system and coolant leak


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Hi Scotty I have a 2014 Ford Mustang with the 5 liter coyote engine and the standard transmission. Just recently I was driving down the road with the A\C on when all of the sudden I heard a whistling noise coming from the outside of the car. The noise lasted about 15 seconds then right after that the A\C stopped working. I also have a slow coolant leak only during the winter time when the engine is cold and has been off for several hours. What do you think the cause is for these two problems? Current mileage is 112000.

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Your coolant and refrigerant are completely separate systems. Why do you have a coolant leak? Get a coolant compatible leak dye and try to figure out where it's leaking. There's really only 2 ways coolant can leak out, either the hoses are bad, or you have a head gasket leak. You could also have a bad radiator cap. 


If you heard it leaking from inside the car, most likely it was the refrigerant leaking. Check the condenser, it's in front of the radiator. The refrigerant is under high pressure and can easily generate noises if punctured. There will be PAG oil of if that is indeed the problem.