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[Solved] Thoughts on 2023 Ford Transit 350HD Motorhome


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Hi Scotty,

I did a search for “Ford Transit 350 HD” and not much came up.  Anyways, one of my co-workers just got a 2023 motorhome.  It’s a Coachmen RV based on the Ford Transit 350 HD chassis.   It’s got the 3.5L twin turbo Ford Eco-boost engine with the 10-speed auto.   It will be using for traveling to National Parks and camping.

Here is a link:


What are your thoughts on this vehicle?  My co-worker is hoping to get 150,000 miles out of it.

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Truthfully, RVs are pretty heavy and I would not trust a twin turbo V6 to last that long in that vehicle. The old VH. Yeah they did but a twin turbo V6 odds are. It's going to wear out faster than 150,000 mi. For example, Ford says that the turbos are usually good for about 100,000 mi

Thank you Scotty. I will let my co-worker know. Yeah, I am not a fan of that engine and 10-speed auto from Ford.
My friend’s last RV (a 2001 RV) that lasted him 22 years and 140,000 miles was all GM based, and still going strong.