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Hi Scotty. Thanks for providing your car repair videos. I have a 2004 Toyota Corolla and just recently my right rear window switch went bad on the master switch. I was going to replace it but recently I lowered the rr window and it went all the way down. Since that door was in a accident a few years ago I couldn't open it in order to remove the panel and look under the regulator as well as trying to raise the window up for the time being. After that the idle become real bad; idles too fast at start up, and too slow once the engine warms up and stalls too. Then I heard about the "idle relearn procedure" first making sure all accessories are off then put the key in the ignition turn to on, off, on, and off, then crack it put your parking brake on, and foot on brake put the car in drive and let it idle for at 5 minutes. It worked, then when I went to start it up after 10 hours later it idle slowly and sometimes stalled when the engine warmed up. After letting it cooled down I remembered in one of Scotty's video he explained disconnecting the battery for a few minutes would let things wine down. I did that and it idle smoothly. I then did another "idle relearn procedure" and shut the car off for a few minutes. Restarted it and it idle very good. I took it for a spin with the a/c on and it works fine, no stalling. Now my question is whenever I disconnect the battery, does that reset the cars computer? Also is a "idle relearn procedure" necessary after that?

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Posted by: @mygoodcar

whenever I disconnect the battery, does that reset the cars computer?

Yes, it does.

Posted by: @mygoodcar

is a "idle relearn procedure" necessary after that?

In most Toyotas, if you just drive around, the computer will relearn the idling. One ting you can do, is to clean the throttle body to make this relearning procedure faster. Realize that when the computer resets, it goes back to the factory setting and assumes that there is no carbon build up on the throttle body. By cleaning the throttle body, you get closer to the factory settings and it is easier for the car to adjust itself.