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Lease over soon


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Hello yall, i currently have a chevy traverse 2018 and lease ends in may, I am thinking on leasing a new one or buy a used suv. I have my eyes on a 2019 Nissan armada with 43k miles. i like how it drives and feel safe for my kids. Should I get it or lease a new chevy?

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Truthfully I would do neither is I don't like any of those vehicles over the course of time.Nissan's time to fall apart as they age if you don't mind the price of a lease get another Chevy cuz you don't own it so if it breaks you don't have to fix it


I would get a Toyota or Honda, but if you are not interested in that then just lease again.


Neither of those.


If you have to pick between the two, lease the Chevy. But you don't want to own those long term.