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I need help with my cars AC system


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I have a Nissan sentra 2005 with 160000 miles with an manual transmission. I turn the ac on and it only blows out hot air and it dosent come from the dash only from the wind shield I try to change were it blows like to the floor or to the dash but nothing. And it's like I h as ve the heater on because it's very hot air not even cool. 

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Well your system is stuck and defrost mode which is the default mode when there's a problem with the HVAC system. And that's all computer run you might disconnect the battery for 5 minutes and see if it resets itself but if not you going to have to find a mechanic like me with a dealer level scan tool to do bi-directional testing of that entire HVAC system and for my experience on those it's often a control module failure

Thanks Mr Kilmer this helps a lot and thanks for all you do i watch all your videos and im a huge fan. I found one of your videos when i had a problem with my car when i bought it and keep making videos they do make a difference in peoples life's im sure learning more. I feel like people like me waste money because of a lack of education so thanks for everything.