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2006 tundra double cab.


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Scotty I just picked up a 2006 tundra double cab with 79,000 original miles and the engine is newer with 49,000 miles. It’s only ever had regular engine oil services and nothing else. What do you recommend I service on this truck? Like for example, transmission fluid change, differential fluid change, water pump, timing belt, what fluids in general? Was also told by my local Toyota dealership the rear main seal on the truck has a leak? Personally haven’t noticed any leaks myself and I know for a fact this truck has never been in a wreck. Just had an engine swap at 40,000 miles with a newer 9,000 mile motor in 2012.

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If that is the real mileage on the engine you don't need to do anything to it.But of course you'd want to check all the fluids change any dirty ones out hoses any rubber parts and if you want to see if the seal really is leaking on the engine do my video finding engine oil leaks Scotty

Overall mileage and engine mileage are accurate. This truck belonged to a family member and I am the 2nd owner. Only has regular engine oil services. So transmission fluid, transfer case fluids and all other fluids would be recommended to flush out with new fluids considering it’s a 15 year old truck? Right? Ok will do thanks! Got a direct link for that video?