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Mitsubishi Lancer does not crank


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Question about a Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 SE, automatic transmission. I recently bought it from a friend cause he said he needed the money. After getting it towed to my place I asked him if anything was wrong, he told me he just tried to start it but it wouldn't turn over. Being the klutz I am I said ok. I know basic stuff about vehicles , so I went to check the fuses, fuel pump, battery etc. I installed a new battery, new alternator and new starter. Fuel pump was working so I didn't replace that. Replaced battery in key fob. Replaced ignition switch. after putting everything was done I tried to start it. It ended up turning on but it wouldn't crank. I'm stuck and not sure what to do anymore. I've looked at the forums for lancers but everyone tells me battery , alternator, starter. 

If you can help me with information or what you think I'd appreciate it.

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Mileage? Did you verify that the engine isn’t locked up? -

Posted by: @silverxangel

After getting it towed to my place I asked him if anything was wrong

You asked him about/checked the vehicle’s condition after you purchased it?!

I asked after it got towed to my place, I was thinking it was only a fuel pump, he ended selling it to me for 1k. So I'm just like ok. engine isn't siezed, I am able to turn it

Do the trouble shooting from the link in my Answer. Fingers crossed it’s just a fuse or bad wiring.