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[Solved] New 2022 Honda Civic Sport Broke Down at 500 miles


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Hey Scotty and Scotty Fans!


Bought a brand new 2022 Honda Civic Sport almost 2 weeks ago, and it just broke down at 500 miles. One of the dilemmas is that the car is not at the original dealership because I was out of town for Thanksgiving. The dealer said fuel got into cylinder 3 and bent some springs under the valve cover. The total damage is not accounted for yet, but I'm pretty sure this car is a lemon. I plan on going into the original dealership tomorrow to demand compensation for the tow truck fees and rental car fees. Should I demand a new car as well? Pretty sure this car is going to turn into a lemon, so it would save the dealership and I the hassle of dealing with legal nonsense.

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Posted by: @bubbles520

Should I demand a new car as well?

If they already have your money, you're in no position to demand anything. You can ASK for it, but I don't think they are required to give you one. You're going to have to read through all the fine print your sales contract (you did that before paying, right?), and your state lemon laws. I'm pretty sure the only thing they are required to do is fix it. Only if they are uncooperative ,or the repeated repairs are unsuccessful, then you MAY be eligible for replacement. Either way you're going to have to do some research, and maybe even talk to an attorney.

That makes sense. I will be calling lemon law attorney's tomorrow to hear what they have to say about this case.

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I talked to the original dealership on Monday. They offered to pay for my towing fees, pay for my rental, provide a free loaner car, and deliver my car from the dealership it is sitting at to their dealership for free! Fantastic news so far! Also, they are getting Honda Executives on the case since this breakdown is such an anomaly. As of today, they are working on replacing the cylinder head and broken coil springs underneath the valve cover. Hopefully, they'll have the car repaired and ready to go sometime this week.


Check the lemon law in your state.

I live in California.

So check the lemon law in California.

Thanks! Says that the dealership has to make a reasonable amount of attempts to fix the vehicle and fixed in less than 30 days. If it isn't fixed or keeps being an issue, then I can follow suit with lemon procedures. I will talk to a lemon lawyer asap though since this issue is extremely rare. I suspect this car is a lemon.

Posted by: @bubbles520

I will talk to a lemon lawyer asap though since this issue is extremely rare. I suspect this car is a lemon.

Just because the issue is rare does not mean the car is a lemon. It can be a production issue which can get repaired/fixed which if they do fix it then they are not required to take it back from you under the lemon law. The only time they have to take it back is if they can't fix it. And what is the definition of not being able to fix it or how long they have to do so depends on your state's lemon law. 

First see what they/the dealership will do and if they can get it fixed or not. In the meantime get familiar with the lemon law in your state then based on the outcome decide on next steps. Btw, taking it back to the dealership you bought it from or a different dealership doesn't make any difference; for warranty work you can take it to any in this case Honda dealership.