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2021-03-17: Tesla operating in Autopilot hits police car in Michigan


The 22-year-old Lansing man in the Tesla was cited for failure to move over and driving while license suspended.

something tells me that, hmm maybe I should pay attention to what's happening around me when my soft, squishy, sack of guts is hurtling down the road at 40mph or more.

I believe I can fly ...

Yea, there is no software written by man that’s 100%. The tractor trailer ones they proved the system go confused thought they were road signs and could drive underneath. I’d love to hear the explanation for the cop car mishap. If your that tired pull over and sleep and don’t let the car drive.

Maybe the Tesla was part of Antifa

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2021-03-11: Tesla gets wedged under a semi-trailer. Woman gets critical head injury.

same thing happened exactly two years ago. Tesla went under a trailer, ripping the roof off and killing the driver.

They really need to improve the safety of those truck side guards...
I mean c'mon look at the difference

Meh. The lesson for me here, is always watch where you're going. The world is full of hazards. Don't wait for someone to bubble wrap them for you.

Good lesson, and too bad most Americans have no idea how to use a highway. Man driving in this country will be a pain... :

FWIW, those "side guards" were installed to better the wind resistance of the vehicle. You are right though, it would be smart to actually make those "side guards" as well.

I wish people would actually drive rather than depend on not only this bs tech but constantly distract themselves with all the bells & whistles or their phone.

When I'm driving the phone is off & my eyes are on the road. The only time my hand leaves the wheel is to turn on the wipers, etc or shift.

24 years on the road with a spotless record.


A class action lawsuit has now been filed against GM for all the AFM engine lifter failures.

I'm not a lawyer, and I don't know how these things work. But hopefully some recalls result from this. I doubt GM will be able to fix the problem, but hopefully owners at least get replacement camshafts and lifters at GM's expense.


A class action lawsuit against GM for grievous design defects? Who would have thought?


Chevrolet Volt needs $30,000 battery replacement after 70,000 miles




California has little to do with the real world, it's a bastion of craziness.

Each time I see a Tesla around me (and I see a lot of them) I have to drive even more defensively because I am not sure if they are using Autopilot or are half asleep.


15 March 2021: Toyota Extends the GR Supra Range with Exclusive New Jarama Racetrack Edition



After years of Hyundai Kia recalls, a law action suit was filed for the many vehicles that were not included in original recalls. 

"Hyundai and Kia knew even before the vehicles were sold that the engines may suddenly stall, fail or catch fire even when no collisions have occurred."

The cars added are the following:

  • 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe
  • 2011-2013, 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
  • 2015-2016 Hyundai Veloster
  • 2012-2015 Kia Forte
  • 2012-2015 Kia Forte Koup
  • 2011-2013 Kia Optima Hybrid
  • 2012-2013 Kia Sorento
  • 2014-2015 Kia Soul
  • 2012 Kia Sportage


To anyone who owns a Nissan Rogue or somehow doesn't know about Nissan CVT issues:

"A Nissan Rogue lawsuit alleges transmission problems make driving the SUVs too dangerous. Issues with the Rogue continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) allegedly include lurching, jerking, delayed acceleration and "clunk" sounds.

The class action lawsuit includes all U.S. consumers who purchased or leased 2014-2020 Nissan Rogues equipped with Xtronic CVTs."

A link to technical service bulletins can be found in the given link. The case alleges that Nissan new about transmission issues with the Nissan Rogue since 2013, but hid it with constant bulletins to delay complaints. 

The new rouge shares most of it’s platform and parts with the new 2021 outlander including the Jatco CVT8.


It is a gearbox that was rated by the manufacturer to last 150,000km (90 miles).


It’s astonishing how people keep making and selling these piles of garbage… it’s not like the rest of the car is well built either…


Scotty have you heard about the lawsuit against GM filed on 20-Dec-2021? It has to do with lifter failures and the specs and materials used. You are always saying how the quality keeps going down and the cost of vehicles keeps going up. These auto makers keep looking for cheaper and cheaper ways to built them to increase their margins but the quality suffers so much and the end user usually pays for it all. Just wanted to let you know that at least some pressure is being put back on them, the auto makers that is. Wondering if you were going to do a video on it.>

This was already posted. Please use the search box before posting new questions. Thanks.


They'll probably find some sucker to buy it.  What was the rip off price?

It’s dumb. I looked all over the car, and it wasn’t listed. They had all the specs, but no price. Probably want you to engage them so they can throw out an obcene number.

No doubt, they want some fool to walk right into their target zone.


Pelosi is considering this person, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), for the position of chairwoman of the Transportation Committee. LoL

This is why we can accurately describe this administration's policy agenda as WAH Wah wah.


Here we go again.  Another Hyundai Motor Group recall, this time recalling 215,000 Hyundai Sonatas for fuel line fire hazard:|trend|hyundai-recalls-215,000-sonatas-for-fuel-line-fire-hazard

"it's negligible, over-represented, and not a big deal"
(My Dan impression)


It will probably end with the people revolting.  The only thing dumber than a politician is two politicians.  They'll do anything to control your life, and your vote.


Banning ICE engines is total nonsense by some politicians who want to have a favorable image for people who say "we care about the environment" but don't understand anything about cars. And those people who follow the "caring about environment" trend can't even understand that mining the material needed for making those batteries for electric vehicles causes even pollution and harm and then comes the needed to dump those batteries when their life is over. I also find this whole EV nonsense an excuse for justifying why gas prices are constantly hiking. I live in WA State where is full of such nonsense ways of thinking and people who buy it. We pay $4.72 (well as of yesterday) for a gallon of gas and some say "well don't drive and walk, or buy EV). Also, all this pressure of charging many EV cars on the electric system.

I think it's just a trend for making some people happy and it's not really going to get anywhere at the end.


Switzerland plans to BAN electric cars from the roads (...) in a bid to reduce energy consumption


I wish EU would do the same and possibly postpone the ban of ICE vehicles in 2030.

Hippie dreams, such as getting rid of fossil fuels in favor of electrification, never survive meeting up against the real world.

It’s absurd!
Stripping away their citizens freedom of movement in the name of climate theory… But at least it’s fun to see it already begin to backfire.


For all PlayStation enthusiasts

Outline of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2021 Announced


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We'll see if it's more reliable than the Mazda engines. Seems like they took the Wankel rotary engine, and added even more moving, sealing surfaces.



Interesting! It seems Nissan had only one issue in some models, the rest of the car and other models are top notch without a single issue. 


It seems nobody can tame these volatile lithium ion batteries. Not Samsung, not Tesla, not even Boeing. Maybe it's time we just accept they're impractical and move on to something else.

@MountainManJoe I agree. That's why so many companies move to hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen fuels. I think the Li ion batteries have long way to go in order to be used in bigger products (cars, ...) , although they are Ok in electronic usage.


Toyota lobbying policymakers to slow the shift towards electric vehicles

Toyota Accused of Lobbying Against Electric Cars

Pretty interesting stories there...


Mercedes "Market Adjustment"


Porsche taking technology to new heights of ridiculousness.


This gives me a great new product idea: smart doorknobs. 

To open the door to your bathroom or whatever, you launch a smartphone app and turn the knob on the screen.

What do you guys think LoL  

now you can play with your BMW key. What will they think of next.


2022 4Runner



Chinese cars

2014 Lifan 320 (Chinese Mini Cooper knockoff) split in two:


  • crash tested by Latin NCAP and given a score of zero stars.
  • No air bags


Great Wall Steed 5 Crash Test - Zero stars for Chinese pickup

The zero rated Great Wall Steed 5 demonstrates a high probability of life threatening injury


You thought ‘this’ is bad?? Neighbour see, neighbour do -

wow just disintegrates like glass.
Your face is the crumple zone.

Pretty much the entire body is the crumple zone..


California Is Banning Small Engines.

Total insanity.


Scuttlebutt says:

As of sometime last week all GM 5.3s and 6.2s are to have the lifters replaced on delivery to the dealer. These are vehicles that haven't even been sold yet.

I guess that means anybody who has recently bought a GM with these engines should standby for recall. (or at least a CYA TSB)

... and confirmed.
Pages and pages of 2021 & 2022 GM engines self destructing within a few thousand miles of purchase.


Well, here we go again with GM.  The latest class action lawsuit brought against GM for valve lifter issues in their small-block V8s.  


What are the issues?

  • the valvetrain including the active fuel management (AFM) and dynamic fuel management (DFM) lifters are made up of sub-standard materials that can cause them to fail prematurely.
  • the lifters are installed in an incorrect position in the lifter guide and do not always conform to design specifications.
  • more frequent valvetrain maintenance, including “more frequent oil changes, engine flushing and cleaning and/or replacing the valve lifter oil manifold and its filter at regular intervals.”
  • repairs made with the same defective parts (so potential for repeat failure)

Which vehicles/engines are impacted?



Lawsuits seem to go nowhere with GM. 

"OH that was the OLD GM. We are the NEW GM." Its how they sidestep those issues every time as you can't sue old GM as they are defunct and have no money.

Back when I was working for them and issues were raised about the AFM system, I remember clearly being told, "That's why we have lawyers." So that tells you how much they care.



Here’s one for the (Lexus) books.  One of the most expensive used Lexus to exchange hands recently sold for $1,137,968:  this particular example was a Lexus LFA (less than 500 ever made), 2-owner with 12,000 miles, but what made this one special was it had the ultra rare Nürburgring Package (less than 64 built).

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