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O2 Sensor 2 Bank 1 Harness Clip Stuck


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Hey! Scotty, 

I am changing the 02 Sensor Bank 1 out. I worked for a couple hours and completely failed trying to unclip the wiring harness on the hard to reach O2 sensor on my daughters 2010 Nissan Murano S V6. I tried pushing down and using a screw  driver to try pulling apart the male end of the sensor to free itself from the female harness. I have looked closely at the connection and they do not appear to be damaged in any way. Do you have any suggestions to free it so I can change out the sensor? Or do I need to drive to Houston and bring you some boudin, boiled crawfish and cash from Lafayette, LA  for you to do the service on my daughters car? Sincerely, Troy

Scotty has not lived in Houston for some time now. His primary residence is in Clarksville, Tennessee and he also spends time in Rhode Island (he is there now).

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Did you remove the sensor from the exhaust first, before working on the connector? This will allow you to move the connector to a more convenient place.



Some round 02 sensor connectors I had to deal with are just designed poorly, and do tend to beak when you attempt to disconnect them. Even if you are lucky once or twice, they will still break someday, rather sooner than later. Their click-in notches which hold them connected might have worked when the plastic was new and everything was clean, but as the plastic ages and when placed in a dirty environment, they just break off sooner than they release. Initially I got upset about it, but now I dont care, and continue using the broken connectors, fixing them with cable ties or even steel hose clamps, which hold everything together well enough. Some of the O2 sensor connectors I once treated this way have been just fine for over 10 years now.