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Odd MAF behavior at idle, 03 Corolla


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On my 03 corolla 1.6, manual, 165k miles, the MAF sensor reading at idle is reading high at around 2 g/s. The long term fuel trim is reading around -10. Idle speed is fairly stable at about 690 - 750 rpm (the MAF sensor is clean). I then tried a known good MAF sensor yielding the same results. If the A/C is turned on then the MAF data jumps to over 3 g/s. Tried adjusting the IAC as well to no avail. Disconnected the battery and reconnected it. No change.

Any ideas?

(P.S. Another corolla, with the same engine (same place and weather) was reading 1.6 - 1.7 g/s).

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Well I would assume that your fuel injectors are going bad and they're leaking too much fuel into the engine causing it to run rich