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C8 corvette future suv 2025 Poll is created on Aug 05, 2022


C8 corvette suv 2025 opinions


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What are ur thoughts and opnion on it...?

Just like mustang mach e I think it's a bad idea...

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I know right! This is still 2022..



I think the Tesla model X’s low sales would lead to believe there isn’t a big market for electric ultra-luxury SUVs, especially in a recession, and yet GM launches another one.

The only thing I like about any Tesla is the 360-degree Tesla-cam, they can keep everything else. Well, GM's ceo is hellbent on the company going EV. Mary Barra needs to go. EV's are still not ready for prime time.

Almost all new cars have 360-degree view, but sadly unlike Tesla most don't integrate it with their dash cam systems...

@dan I think she meant the 360 degree surveillance system.


Like anything else in automotive news these days, I will believe it when I see it.  Until then, who cares.


I think it looks cool, but that's about it. If they gave two shreds of a damn about any type of heritage, they should make the camaro an EV suv so it can continue to compete with the mustang, or the mustang e atleast. Overall I think it looks good, alittle too much like the lambo suv tho.