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Ford Explorer 2006 code 16 “Theft”


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Hello Scotty 


I have a Ford Explorer 2006 motor 4.0, 

the truk is blocked it wont turn on, I get the code 16 on the Theft system at first they told me it was the cluster I change it and still the same then I change the fiuse box the one on the inside and still the same before the truk turn on Every 30mn and it was usuble not the thing wont turn on  any Idead on to check neck next? They already check the keys and the signal and all was normal thanks and great health 



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Well then ISS systems on those old things weren't the greatest. Matrously you need a guy like me with a bidirectional scan tool to do testing. Otherwise you're just guessing at parts and it can get expensive and never fix anything that way. But often the anti-theft relay will do that. Try that and pray it's a simple fix

Thanks for the information Sr, do you think is a good Idea to sell it (see what I get) what truks do you recommend? Thanks again.