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Can I put synthetic oil in my 2012 Tacoma


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Hi Scotty,

Thanks so much for all the information you put out.  I have a 2012 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab with a V6 auto.  It has 36k miles.  Bought new.  I change my own oil and always use Castrol and factory filter.  The owners manual says to use conventional oil.  I can no longer find the weight required in conventional, only synthetic blend or pure synthetic.  Is there any long term problem using the blend?  Since I put little mileage on it, I change the oil/filter every 6 months.  Thanks again!     

OK. I figured it out. While all of you were correct in your answers, I still needed to know the "why" conventional oil was stated in the manual. I stumbled on it yesterday in the manual. For "normal" driving habits, Schedule 'A', conventional oil is stated. But for Schedule 'B' driving, synthetic is stated. So now we know. JP

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Any type of oil as long as it has the correct viscosity is fine. 


As long as it's the right rating, see no reason it wouldn't work for you. Looks like the owners manual calls for 5W30.


Synthetic is fine.  As long as the oil (and brand of oil) meets the viscosity and specifications you can use it.


Should be good, although you should still be able to find 5W30 in conventional.

One would think you should find it but it is no longer on the shelves at any of the parts stores in my town or in another. And yes, I can order it on line but wow, what you have to pay. Double the price almost. So it looks like I am going to the blend this month for $19 a 5 quart jug. I did find it odd to read in the owner's manual "conventional". JP

What autoparts stores?

Discount Auto, O'Rileys, Auto Zone, Walmart. If ordered, a 5 quart will run around $35. I purchased the Castrol blend at Walmart for $19.