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P0340 2003 Honda Civic


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Help please! My 2003 honda civic lx has went through 2 cam position sensors in 2 years. Previously i would get a P0340 and P0341. This time i only have gotten P0340 with hard starting occasionally. Bad sensor or possible bad connector? Connector looks clean to the naked eye.

Clarification: mileage? Also, which engine?

242,000 milles. 1.7 SOHC Non vtec

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After market or oem part?



Since the cam positioning sensor has a lot to do with ignition timing, was this checked with a scan so it is factory correct?


could be the lower quality of the aftermarket sensor only lasts a 1yr.

Could anyone direct me in the right direction to get an oem? i see them everywhere with different part numbers.

Get the correct part number and buy from your Honda dealer. But if too much $$, then check Amazon, sometimes have OEM parts. I got my 4 TPMS sensors for my Lexus from Amazon, a lot cheaper than from the dealer and they had them in stock.