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Parts Avatar sets the record straight and demands an apology from Scotty


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I had a feeling it would be something like this




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As they say, there’s usually 2 sides to a story. 

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Wow. The company then goes on to personally attack Scotty in the comments, losing any professional credibility they had.

I don't think I'll be doing business with these children.




... and also "liking" some of the nastier comments by watchers


I'm not sure I would even apologize to them after stuff like this . I don't think they deserve it.
If Scotty did retract his statement, that would make Parts Avatar look petty and sad. I wonder if they'd retract their insults. I doubt it. The cat's already out of the bag though. They've shown their character.

Wow, those clowns! I have lost respect for them. Who the heck said Scotty owns a new Supra?! That’s nonesense!

It's comical that Scotty allegedly owns a Supra. Obviously none of his subscribers also subscribe to Scotty.

and why is the thumbnail "right to repair versus Scotty"?
Scotty has always supported right to repair. It's the entire purpose behind his channel!

@justin-shepherd, @daywalker - That was pretty funny! I guess the 20-somethings at that company can't tell the difference between a modern Toyota Supra (BMW) and a 30-year-old Celica!


yeah they're grasping at straws with that one.


When I heard Scotty call Parts Avatar "scumbags" I was stunned. Their customer bought his struts, used them for a year, and then he wanted a warranty replacement, but with a different brand of strut. What the h???

As for the comments in the chat box, it's all stupid and childish.

the strut thing made me scratch my head too. Surely Scotty wouldn't actually expect that. He must have misunderstood or mis-spoke.

mmj, apparently you had a similar reaction as I did. And as you mentioned, sturring up the 'controversy pot' garners attention quickly. Little doubt in my mind that was a major factor in producing their video! (The man does have a billion views!) lol

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Posted by: @chucktobias

I'd never heard of Parts Avatar before. Who knows, when the dust settles the additional exposure may actually increase their business.

I think you hit it right on the nose, Chuck.

They know full well that putting Scotty's mug in your video thumbnail automatically nets you millions of eyeballs. This is all a marketing ploy to leech off Scotty's popularity, and they'll be thanking Scotty all the way to the bank.

Sure seems like it. It would probably be best for Scotty to just ignore those guys, don't engage with them, it just gives them more free publicity.

you're probably right


I'm surprised Scotty's criticism was noticed by a retailer, to the point where the retailer posted another video that they were not to blame. 


they must be fans of his channel


All I have to say is there’s a good reason I haven’t heard of Parts Avatar before.  And who the heck names their company Parts Avatar?!

No kidding! "Reasonably Priced Facsimile" is next

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These are the kinds of videos that Parts Avatar puts out





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This person confirms exactly what Scotty is saying. The guy in the video gives me slimeball vibes.


I wonder how many buddies he paid off to give him those good reviews.

You can buy "stars" from India. The feedback that people wrote on Google is actually much like what you see here below.


RFD = Red Flag Deals. A Canadian shopping forum.

wow it's just one bad review after another

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The company website, and executive line-up



There are no "decades of auto repair experience"

According to their posted bios, they come from the financial trading, real estate and computer programming.


Sherdeep Singh, PhD (CEO)

Anuroop Sharma (CTO)

Prateek Jain (COO)

Akshat Verma (India Head)


Mug shots??? Can't help but think Scotty already knew about this company.. The man definitely has an amazing memory

it wouldn't surprise me

it also wouldn't surprise me if the "Customer Support" line was a call centre in Kolkata, who scams seniors in between taking orders.

Posted by: @justin-shepherd

I'm surprised Scotty's criticism was noticed by a retailer, to the point where the retailer posted another video that they were not to blame. 

When I heard Scotty talk about that situation in his video it didn't sound right since no manufacturer's warranty is going to provide an exchange to another brand and you can't reasonably expect a store to accept return of parts after a year has passed. (Which is essentially what the rebuttal video is saying, though in the end that's what they apparently wound up doing.)

I'd never heard of Parts Avatar before. Who knows, when the dust settles the additional exposure may actually increase their business.

I don't think they're doing themselves any favors with a video like this. At least not in my eyes. It looks childish the way it's presented.

I haven't, either. Manufacturer warranties only apply to the same strut assembly, not a KYB. I go to RockAuto for things if I can't find them in a local store, especially for odd and end things for my Pontiac. I would have just returned the strut and gotten a KYB.

True. As you point out the comments are pretty ridiculous, I hadn't read them initially.


I’ve never heard of Parts Avatar until this. And I’m never going to use them because of this. 

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Their Yelp and Better Business Bureau page paints a similar picture.


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I posted the bad reviews they received on other sites, and Avatar Parts are deleting my Youtube comments

They claimed to have 4.5 out of 5 stars for Google Reviews, but I can’t verify that on Google. Most other companies have Google Reviews easily accessible, but these guys I can’t find their Google Reviews.

@daywalker . It's on Google maps but it's irrelevant. You can buy those "star" ratings in India for a dime a dozen, and PA is half based in India. I think what tells a more genuine story is all the people who wrote negative feedback in the reviews.