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Reliability for 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 5.3L V8


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Thoughts on the 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.3L V8 & 6Speed Automatic transmission?

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ruined by cylinder deactivation, and gratuitous GM cost cutting right after they went bankrupt.


they never should have stopped making the 350!

according to wikipedia,
"the 350 series is still in production at a GM subsidiary in Springfield, MO under the company's "GM Genuine Parts" brand, and is also manufactured as an industrial and marine engine by GM Powertrain under the "Vortec" name. "

I meant in a vehicle like a P/U

well that's like saying they never should have stopped making the Concord.


The latest I would buy is like 2006 without the cylinder deactivation.  They never got that right.  Dodge never did either.  No I would not buy a 2009


Stick to model years 2007 or earlier - those were better built and with less technology.  You are seriously gambling on any of the newer ones:  even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Outside of the powertrain, expect pesky electrical issues (gremlins) over time.  You are better off looking at the heavier duty GM trucks (2500 HD and up).

AFM was introduced on the GMT900 platform (2nd Gen Silverado, Gen IV small block 5.2L & 6.0L V8 engines) for the 2007 model year


Definitely not recommended. As others have said, the AFM system ruins the motor if left to it's own devices and deleting it isn't cheap. We have a whole thread on it in the FAQ.

I'm no Scotty "fanboy" but I can tell you I was there when the AFM system was designed and we engineers knew it was a bad idea at the time. Management overrode the concerns in the name of cost-cutting and saving additional R&D expenses, so that's why it went out the way it did and why it has problems.


If you want a truck with that horrible cylinder de-activation system and you don't mind your wallet being burned go right ahead and buy it.

You are better off buying a Silverado 1500 from 2007 or older with none of that technology.


* 2006 or older

oh yeah true I forgot 2007 was the year it was redesigned

oh yeah true I forgot 2007 was the year it was redesigned


Here is a different perspective



Buy yourself a scanner and study codes.  That little red light will drive you crazy even though the vehicle may run fine.


dont really remark-amend those man get a 2500 or 3500.  or get a gmc siarra 2500 or 3500 boy I tell you the problems you will have ut of a normal one, be perepared for lots of repairs.

what does "dont really remark-amend those man" mean?

@MountainManJoe sorry i ment this recommended i have grammerly and thats what they gave me.

@MountainManJoe sorry i ment this recommended i have grammerly and thats what they gave me.


Don’t listen to scottys biased idiot fan boys below

My family has two 2013 Silverado’s same gen as you’re looking at one of them has 295k miles

The other has 265k miles

Both had transmission replaced at 200k miles (no fluid changes ever were done btw) and both have had ball joints done and that’s about it good vehicles and you can buy a range afm disabelr to disable the 4 cylinder mode everyone talks <profanity removed> about I say buy it if the price is right

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Golly! 2 trucks you say?

Well that does it. I'm convinced!

Boys! We can ignore all the millions of other trucks out there that do have this well known problem... back4blood and his 2 trucks says don't worry it's fine.

Dont calls scotty or ask him for repairs when you get stranded on the highway. scotty is real blunt about what he says and hardly gives any false information for me I haven't gotten 1 piece of false info form him of he is so '' biased'' and were his " biased idiot fan boys'' why are you on this web sight LOL the tranny couldent last 300k miles if you wanted it too even if you dreamed of it LoL