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Chain-like noise


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Scotty I have 2011 scion TC with 165,000 miles on the clock, which I bought used about 9 years ago, with only 33,000 miles on the odometer. 

In last few months I have had to replace the alternator, rear brakes and brake lines, but other than that I have pretty good luck with it.

Over the last two weeks I have begun noticing a chain like noise coming from the front passenger side of my car. It only does it every so often, like when I am slowing down to turn a corner or at traffic lights.

I don't know what else would make such a noise, other than the timing chain, and i have it scheduled for repair at my local garage next Tuesday.

If it is my timing chain, and considering my other recent repairs, do you think that I should perhaps think about buying a new car? 





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A really bad timing chain , broken guides and other components usually make a rattling sound rare occasion a clapping. If it's to that point the noise would be happing all time. If it's only just starting it would happen at start up only . I would first Check out your exhaust for loose heat shields or broken brackets. Also check for worn out suspension or steering components. Also check under the hood for anything that is loose . . Motor mounts are another possibility . Does it happen when driving or does it happen only idle. Does it happen only in drive/ reverse or does it happen in neutral 

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It makes noise when the engine is cold, and I place it in drive. The sound goes away the car is in motion. Then when I slow go round a corner, or at stop sign, I hear it more.