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Scumbag Dealer Story (UPDATE)


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Just a quick update on the old couple that were charged over 200$ to tow their Ford Falcon to Ford Stealership only to be told the car was beyond repair, because I was away.

Anyway I fought on their behalf to get back the towing money.

I went last Friday after I noticed that you mentioned what happened in one of your videos. First I told the "so called" boss that perhaps he should refund the money and that its a very dirty thing to do. Dirty as in trying to scam a couple in their 80s to buy a new car. After some back and forth I pulled out my secret weapon. I asked him if he ever heard of a guy by the name of Scotty Kilmer? Well he had. So on my laptop with the volume as high as it could go, so the other customers around could hear. I started the video and played everything you said. He was trying to direct me to his office. I would hear none of it. I even turned to two people who were interested in a pickup and said to them "Better watch out place gives good customer service. Good for the pockets of this owner."


I'm happy to say that less than an hour later I got a check for the full amount of the tow. I also reported what they did to the local chapter of the better business bureau.


Thanks Scotty


PS: I'm really a motorcycle mechanic, but I started off with cars. And still do cars every now and again to check second hand cars people are planning on buying. But most of my business now is working on and also restoring old BSAs, Triumphs, Royal Enfields, Ducatis and Honda CB bikes from the 70s.

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The look on the face of the "boss" when you mentioned Scotty Kilmer and started playing the video must have been priceless. LoL  

@chucktobias Imagine getting it on camera. Lol


Thanks for helping this elderly couple. Maybe, just maybe, the owner of the dealership will learn that honest and fair customer service is more profitable in the long run... as well as being the right way to treat people.


Glad it you got it sorted for the couple. 


I would love to see it camera. This is going to horror face compilation when showing Scotty Kilmer's videos. 


More importantly I can't imagine what the "boss" must have felt with this playing in front of the customers.