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2010 accord short ram intake looking for a part that fits


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Im looking to put a short ram intake on my 2010 accord 4cyl auto. would anyone know the size of the outlet? ive been browsing cant find any specifically made for that make and model. friend told me any would work as long as its correct size and has maf hole.


is 180 cad to much for those? im selling 49$ youtube ones being put on but i cant find any please help


also any other upgrades  i should consider like coilovers, muffler, straightpipe etc

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Listen to Scotty don't waste your money you can have problems with that watch my video why not to use cold air intake Scotty. They can only be done by a pro setting them up and then you often have to reprogram the computer


Yep, don't bother with that. Short ram intake will be pulling in HOT air from the engine bay defeating the purpose of a "cold air intake"

i would of put a cold air intake but i live in canada lol


Please don't unless you plan on tuning the car.