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2014 Impala squeak in rear


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I've got a 2014 Chevy Impala LTZ (~60k miles) that has a quiet squeaking noise that comes from the rear of the car when starting from a stop (not ignition). The squeak itself sounds like a piece of chalk being pressed too hard on a blackboard, and lasts less than a second. After the car is moving again it is gone until the next time I come to a complete stop. Also potentially relevant, if I ease into the move I can get it going without the squeak.

It seems to be coming from the middle of the car, at least sitting in the center of the back seat it isn't obviously coming from either side.

It's not that bad really, only a slight annoyance, but figure it'll get worse the more I ignore it. Any advice on diagnosing it or narrowing it down?

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Start with checking your brakes.