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Son's girlfriend just bought a new car and I think she might have overpaid


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My son's girl friend bought her first car.  She works and doesn't have a lot of money but she bought a  2009 Chevrolet Aveo with 85000 miles.  She paid $10,000.00 for it which I thought was a total ripoff.  I think they have a two day period where she could bring it back.  It doesn't even have hubcaps on it just bare wheels!  Are these cars worth buying even at a cheaper price.

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$10k for an '09 Aveo?

Listen, guys on the internet always boast about great deals they make when we all know it is a load of baloney. 

But $10k for an '09 Aveo?

I don't mean to rain on anyone's parade, but a quick glance at my online auction data says they are selling in that year and around that mileage for $2000 - $2500 at more than one dealer auction. It was a terrible deal and if she can get out of it, she should. And no, there will never be a point where an Aveo is worth buying.

Literally, the only way that is a good deal is if there's a bag with $8500 in it included for free in the trunk. Ouch.


yes she did


Sounds like a horrendous ripoff even in today's crazy used car market. It's hard to believe that any dealer pulling something like that would have a bona-fide return policy but if they do she should take that thing back when they open up first thing in the morning.


Have her take it back. I'd park it on the lot at 2AM and walk back in the morning to say here's the keys.

If they refuse to take it back mention Scotty. We'll see if we can apply pressure make them do it. They straight just saw her coming and took advantage of her naivety

High book price on Kelley Blue book is 7K. Privately they are selling around 4-5K according to KBB. Realistically they're junk. Manual transmissions have cheap metal. Shift forks bend easily. Clutches dropping at 50-60k miles. Horrible cars.


Well I would say it's beyond being ripped off I would say that would lead pretty closely to the biggest con of the 21st century for car purchases. If there's any way she can take it back do it now

She was so happy when she got it my son won't let me interfere in telling her she made a bad deal. She worked hard all through the pandemic and just makes enough to scrape by and when I see what this SOB at the dealership did to her I'm spitting nails. I guess all I can do is bad mouth that used car dealership for everyone in town to see.


That is probably the biggest car rippoff I have seen all year. I literally saw a 2008 rx350 with the same mileage for 10k and that is a lexus suv. Just try to give the crap back to the dealer is nome form or way. Go get a toyota matrix for half the money. 


Take it back, biggest ripoff ever.


She was so happy when she got it my son won't let me interfere in telling her she made a bad deal.

That's going to be 'interesting' when she awakes from her excitement.


Was she was able to take it back?

yea i think the guy said she still had two days to send the vehicle back to the dealer