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2000 Chevy suburban vs 2006 Toyota sequoia


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Hey I’m looking at a 2000 Chevy suburban 4wd with 150,000 miles or a 2006 Toyota Sequoia with 200,000 miles there both $2500 ,which one would be the better option.

Clarification: Will this be a daily driver? Also, how many years and miles do you need the vehicle to last you?

Yes it would be a daily driver and would like it to last a few years .

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They can both be good vehicles. I’d personally go for the Sequoia since it can easily last 400k+ miles if taken care of and you said both vehicles are the same price. Those early 2000’s Suburbans are also decent SUVs (it still ain’t no Toyota) and I’ve seen them with 350k miles. The transmissions usually go out around 220k miles on them but that’s nothing to complain about. If you are religious with maintenance and be nice to the gas pedal, it could potentially last even longer. They were much better made back then than they are today. My dad had a 2004 Chevy Suburban that ran like a dream. He sold it while it was still in good shape at 246k miles. Make sure you have a mechanic check both of them out first. 

Thanks for the advice, I will also definitely have a mechanic check it out .


I would go with the Sequoia, but depending on your mileage per year I would put money aside for repairs. Everything breaks, even Toyotas, and you're starting out at 200k.