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Should I buy a Ford Fusion SE?


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I am wondering if I should buy a 2019 Ford Fusion SE from CarMax? What are the pros and cons? 


The vehicles has…

- 45K miles

- Automatic Transmission

- EPA estimated mileage is 23/34 mpg

- 1.5L Engine


Thank you.

2 Answers

I would not buy anything from CarMax. Not only are they overpriced but it has become a dumping ground for people getting rid of bad cars. CarMax doesn't check out the cars they buy from people, doesn't even test drive them. They just pick the cars up, clean them up, and flip them en masse.


The same goes for Carvana and Vroom.


Look elsewhere. My girlfriend's coworker unloaded a 2017 Mustang with an A/C leak by putting R-134a in, just before he sold it. They gave him market value for a fully working car and didn't check for defects.