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Should I use rubber floor or carpet floor mats?


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From mid September last year until about two weeks ago I used rubber floor mats in my car and then I decided to switch them out for the carpet ones for the late part of spring and through the summer. Is this a reasonable idea or should I just use rubber floor mats all year round? Both are floor mats from the manufacturer given to me at the time the car was bought, so neither are very high end just stock floor mats.

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Neither will affect your car's performance. Use whatever you like.


Whatever you find more comfortable.

Personally given the choice I’d use only rubber floor mats - but it’s really just a matter of personal preference.


I've had the rubber ones since day one and have kept the carpet ones in the trunk and never used them. I live somewhere that rains frequently so with rubber it gets wet or dirty I can easily clean it. but yeah at the end depends on your personal preferences.




I prefer rubber as it’s easier to clean but really it’s up to you.  Some prefer the look of carpet.