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Torque specs for valve cover gaskets


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Hi, I have a 2003 Lexus es300. My valve cover gaskets are leaking. I want to change them but I don't know the torque specs for the valve cover gaskets. I looked at some other forums and their torque spec numbers were all over the place. If anyone knows the correct torque spec numbers for a 2003 Lexus es300 valve cover gaskets, please help me out. Thank You in advance

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Not much. They only need to hold in splashing oil , not pressure. They're not structural either .. they don't hold the engine or moving parts together.

It these situations where torque isn't critical, I just do them up hand tight. If it seeps, I just tighten them up some more.

Thank you. Mountain Man Joe


In one of today's videos Scotty shows the right way to replace a valve cover gasket, using adhesive to hold the gasket in place so that it doesn't fall out of it's niche while being placed. Silicone gaskets don't need a lot of force if they are properly placed.


Thank you Glen_stet