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Sienna 04 sunroof fix


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I'm buying an 04 sienna with 133K miles. Pretty much everything is in working order, except the sunroof. When the button is pushed nothing happens. Did some googling and this seems like a difficult and expensive repair.

Is there some quick fix possible for this? Or is it better to just leave it and not mess with the broken sunroof?



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Did you check the fuse?


If it's not a simple fix, and the sunroof is completely closed, you have one issue to be concerned about. Sunroofs are not watertight, there are drain holes that can clog over time as dirt finds it's way in with the water. You periodically open the sunroof to clean the drain holes. If one clogs, water will spill into the vehicle interior. So, if you don't fix the sunroof, try to keep the car in a garage and keep the roof clean.

what is the best way to clear them out if they become obstructed?

When mine clogged it was at the top of one of the drain holes. I used a stiff piece of wire to break it and a wet Q-tip to clean inside the hole. Now I use wet Q-tips once a year to make sure the holes are clean. If a clog formed further down, I would use a thin, flexible plastic line like weed eaters use so as to avoid accidentally causing the drain tube to disconnect.

trimmer line ... I like that idea