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[Solved] Pre-electronic ignition


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I’m looking to purchase an older car, pre-electronic ignition to use as a daily driver. I understand I might have to rebuild the engine or transmission, what would you recommend?

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I would suggest a pickup because they're easier to work on. There's more room to work under the hood. Engine + tranny goes in and out much easier. Body-on-frame design is much easier to repair than unibody.


If you really want an older car as a daily driver you'll want to buy one that doesn't need the engine or transmission rebuilt and has already been gone through for reliable operation, maybe even resto-modded with some modern components.


Why would you want to willingly buy something that’ll cost you big $$$ to fix?

Get something relatively newer, which will be reliable & never leave you stranded. 

A project car cannot be a daily driver & vice versa.  

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I am more of an old school mechanic. I want something that I can work on and I also enjoy working on older cars. I am just looking for something that parts will be easy to find and not cost an arm and a leg.