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Speedometer problem drops full to 0 then comes back to life


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Recently I had a problem with the MAF sensor and another pressure sensor, furthermore some problem with the turbo it didn't retain the vaccum. Now that everything is fixed I get this problem. 

Speedometer records the accurate speed of the vehicle then it drops to 0 when I'm pressing the gas pedal, after that when it reaches 0 it comes back to the real speed, to point the fact I wasn't slowing down or something the car was going at a steady speed like so:

Car Details: Mazda 3 BK 2005 1.6 CD 109HP Diesel

                  Mileage: 270.030KM


Is it doing that all the time?

It starts after I'm driving the car not all the time like, if I drive it for 1 hour and then shut off the car then come back to it after 8 hours and start driving it does that, for the first drive of the day it doesn't do that, but after some kilometers it stop doing that I hope you understanded what I've just said

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For my experience, that generally means that the dash unit itself starting to break down. I've seen that in many cars be just that a dash unit that's starting to break down. But realize the dash is ultimately run by computer modules which can also go bad. So have a mechanic check both