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How to fix my 2013 Silverado?


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I need more outside opinions on my truck and the issues with it and possibly solutions to fix the issues.

I drive a 2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.3L V8 Vortec Flexfule engine. I got it used 3 years ago at 110,000 miles on it and since then have put about 42k on it. For the last year or so it's been giving me all kinds of different codes, P0106, P0101, P015B, P015D, P01400. I've tried doing my own research and found out that my truck is running too Lean. I have put a Cool-air intake and a new exhaust on the truck to allow more airflow, however the truck running Lean was an issue before all the modifications. I've tuned the truck with my DIABLOSPORTS I3 tuner. I've shut off the function that makes it go into 4 cylinder mode and for more performance based on the fule i use. But even after all these changes I've made I haven't noticed any dramatic faults in the trucks performance. I've tried taking it to several different shops and nobody can tell me the root cause for my truck running Lean. I've tried replacing the MAP sensor, tried different grades of fule as well as E85 ethanol, I replaced my O² sensors, replaced and my throttle position sensor. The only thing I haven't looked into is if my fule pressure is off then maybe it could be my injectors or my fule pump. The truck still runs fine however and I actually manage to get decent MPG out of it. But if I could go without the codes that would be ideal. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

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Modifications to a modern engine like a cold air intake and free flowing exhaust will screw up the computer causing it to run lousy.  Your MAP sensor is reading wrong, your MAF sensor is reading wrong, etc., all as a result of a cold air kit that doesn't work.  Put the stock air box assembly back on the way it's supposed to be.  A lot of people get tricked into all this after market junk.


This is just a shot in the dark, but depending on how easy your throttle body is, maybe a cheap fix to try. 

If you haven’t already, try cleaning the throttle body. I don’t know the technical name of it. But the flappy thing that opens when push on the throttle. Clean that and the spring/hinge mechanism. 

I can’t remember what code I had, but it had to do with throttle body and mass air flow sensor. So I cleaners both. And the codes went away. That was for a Prius. 


Check your ECM alcohol content parameter with a high end scan tool.  If it’s out of whack then reset it, then activate fuel trim relearn. It’s a known FF issue. Search the forum for the TSB and more info and videos. 

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Thanks Doc. I wish I was still on vacation.