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Suspension Upgrade Question


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Hey all. I have a 2000 Camaro that is no longer my daily driver. I want to stiffen up the suspension, make it more aggressive and feel tighter. Currently its all stock, all parts on it are original. Where should I start? I was thinking getting Coilovers, lower the car 1-2", and will probably be replacing most bushings with fresh ones. Will also get a strut bar, put decent tires on it, and replace anything that is rusted. Would like to know peoples thoughts/ experiences.


-Nick, PA

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Those are all good options EXCEPT lowering the car. The F-Body Camaro's are already pretty low and they are infamous for rubbing the wheel wells when dropped. I dropped my Z28 2" and had to do fender rolls all the way around to stop the rub. You're talking about road coursing the car, so I would not recommend doing anything more than 1". 

As for upgrades, the coil overs make a big difference. I would start there and if you still aren't happy, look at control arms/braces. Be warned: it gets expensive quick if you are using the good stuff.

Awesome good to hear from someone with the same platform. I was going to start with coilovers, and then consider doing sway bars too. Ill probably get adjustable coilovers so i can adjust how it handles and learn more also. Not sure if sway bars are necessary, so ill do what scotty recommended and not do it all at once

Good idea. You likely will be happy just with the coilovers.


Sure that sounds like a good way to start but my advice is do each thing one at a time you might be satisfied after a few and not want to go any further


You have quite a few different options available to you.  It will probably boil down to your personal choice regarding how stiff you want to go.

The 1993+ Camaro's and Firebird's were 23% more rigid then their predecessors.

Having driven a number of them, the structure is rigid enough for the stock suspension, however you may want to start with structure stiffening first.

You mentioned a strut bar, so I would also research subframe connectors and other stiffening parts.

The best suspension in the world won't make much of a difference if the body is flexing and negating any gains.