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Things that go CLUNK in the night…& day


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Joe, Nashville TN-2019 Ram 1500 4X2 Auto 36,205

First & foremost, thanks for your time. I started noticing a clunking noise from the front at low speed over uneven surfaces/bumps about a year ago. Brought to dealer THREE TIMES since then and once more to another and they give it back to me unsolved & with about $380 total of my money. Notice the sound more pronounced in cold weather. Driving me INSANE! I also notice more side to side movement in the front end. I tried to see if i could tighten sway bar, end links, etc myself, but not sure what I’m doing. I’m new here to TN from NY & don’t have any shops or car guys I know & trust here to take it to after these dealers nonsense. I had the same issue on a previous Ram about 5 years ago & can’t remember what they did to fix it, but they DID fix it that time! Wish I could recall… I’ve heard you say you’re in Clarksville TN. I’m in Mt Juliet TN, not too far. I appreciate your time! 


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Contact Scotty via email and set an appointment. 

Thank you. Where can I find his email?

It's in the FAQ on this forum.

Much appreciated! Thanks!