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Should I buy this used CR-V


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Looking at a used 2005 Honda CR-V, 159,000 miles. Asking $7500. Both of my mechanics I use are booked up and cant take a look at it for weeks. Questions are is this a good deal for the miles and is there anything I can look for beyond normal stuff like leaks for this vehicle in particular if I can't get a mechanic to look at it?


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Posted by: @wildcarddiddy

Asking $7500

What the hell?! For an 18yr old vehicle?!

As for the vehicle itself -

Wingman, I know it seems high but I've been searching a couple of months now and nothing is coming up affordable/low miles. The few private sellers I've entertained were trying to sell straight junk. I do have my eye on either a Toyota or Honda as I am wanting my next car to be reliable so I am pigeon holing myself a little. In your opinion is that too old of a car to buy and too many miles?

The vehicle itself is excellent, Scotty has another video of a 2009 CR-V with this same drivetrain having over 450,000 miles on the original engine and transmission. Just be SURE to have it inspected thoroughly by a professional mechanic, before purchase. If the vehicle is still in good shape, it still has plenty of life left in it. All the best!


Here's common problems and what Scotty says to check on every used car


And I don't know if Scotty included it, but checking out the car's paperwork is vital - clean title, no liens, no salvage, right name and numbers, receipts, inspection papers - if something's weird with them, that's not the car to buy.