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[Solved] Vibrating/Rattling noise coming from the rear windshield area


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Hello, Scotty! I’ve been hearing a rattling/vibrating sound coming from rear
windshield area. I drive a 2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T 10-spd automatic and it has around 58,000 miles on it. The sound happens whenever I start driving on semi-rough roads but nothing too crazy. Not sure what exactly it is or where it's exactly
coming from. I barely was able to pick up the
sound on the video I took for it and I posted it on Reddit as well. Thank you for your time and help.

Make a YouTube video of the noise and post the link here, thanks.

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Hello, my apologies for the late report, but I am happy to say that all is good and the sound is completely gone! All I had to do was put a few pieces of sponge between the rear windshield is and the shelf where the third brake light is and it was able to absorb all of the vibration. Also, I was having a separate sound coming from the front and apparently it’s a very common problem with current gen accords which has to do with the caps on top of the struts. After taking those caps off the sound I was hearing in the front also completely went away. Go figure. Thank you all for your help!!

Excellent! Well done and what an easy fix..


Unfortunately noise is coming from. There can be so many different things because there's so much crap inside the dash on a modern car and they are somewhat cheaper. Made so plastic and rattle with a dashes connected to the body. Snaps can rattle relays can rattle all kinds of things. But if you want to try to pinpoint it, try my video finding the source of car noises Scotty

Okay thank you Scotty sounds good I will check out your videos on finding car noises! Thank you for your time! And yes there’s always so much clutter internally with modern cars and it’s continually getting more complex every year unfortunately.


The heat shields between your exhaust system and car body are often the source of mysterious rattles, in my experience. Between heat, gravel, salt, etc. they get loose and rattle intermittently. Check if any show looseness.


Okaythank you! I will definitely check the heat shields. It could be from the extreme cold and hot temps we have had over here that may have loosened them.

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Okay here is the video

Are you referring to that plastic fluttering in the wind sound? Or the humming sound?

Well it is that sound that occurs whenever I go over like a bump in the video and it sounds like a vibration or a super tight rattling. Not really sure how to explain it

It’s probably some trim or loose wiring moving about. Your biggest problem will be finding someone who wants to spend the time & effort locating the issue. Are you having any drivability issues with the vehicle? If not, it might be wise to wait until the sound increases in intensity to make the diagnosis easier.

Yes that’s very true. I just hope it is nothing that could be hazardous or anything. But it doesn’t seem like it because the car runs super well.