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Volkswagen cheaper to maintain than Toyota?


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Couple months ago, I remember the ad saying 2021 Jetta has lower cost of maintenance than Toyota Corolla. Then a while ago I saw another ad saying Volkswagen suv has lower cost of maintenance, from what I saw on Volkswagen's web page, it says their new cars and suvs have lower cost of maintenance than Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and Hyundai. The Jetta ranked #1 for lowest cost of maintenance. Do you believe Volkswagen's new cars are cheaper to maintain than Toyota and Honda? 

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Hell no.


Maybe in Germany where parts are more readily available, but not here cheaper to maintain than Toyota here.


LOL, that is just marketing BS. VWs at least in NA are endless money pits and cost a fortune to maintain and repair vs Hondas and Toyotas. Also that 2021 Jetta will break down more frequently vs a Corolla or Civic.

Also when you don't even consider reliability, VW Jetta is a pretty meh car (yes it's got a lot of bells and whistles), but compared to a civic it lacks the fun factor unless you get the GLI model which is basically the sedan version of the Golf GTI and feels more American than German IMO vs older generations.


the parts might be a little cheaper, but you get what you pay for they are junk that doesn't last and a waste of money.


Cost of maintenance or cost of repair outside of warranty?  Good luck keeping a modern VW running outside of warranty especially at 100,000/200,000/300,000 mile milestones.  How much will it cost to reach those milestones?  Let’s talk then.

Car Ads are just that:  clever advertising that distorts the data to make themselves look good.   I don’t even trust Toyota’s ads for that matter.

And how did they get their maintenance to be cheaper?  Did they extend their service intervals (oil change, fluid changes, etc.) out?  Yeah, let’s change the engine oil every 20,000 miles - cheaper maintenance maybe initially but not in the long run.

Do your research and listen to the mechanics that have to work on these overengineered German contraptions.


Some parts may be cheaper, but overall VW is more expensive to maintain. And they are also less reliable.


It's best to pay no attention to advertising claims. Remember the Chevrolet ads where they claimed to be more reliable than Toyota? That didn't last long, it was such an egregious and outrageous lie that those ads were quickly pulled off the air.


Nope. As a person who switched from a 1.4t Jetta to a Corolla & a Camry, Jetta does cost more to maintain than Corolla & Camry. 

I have seen tons of Ford, Hyundai, and VW ads bashing other brands, meanwhile you do not see Toyota, Honda, and Mazda bashing other brands, why? They don't need to, they know their products have better quality.

When I owned the Jetta, the dealer charged as much as Toyota dealer to do oil change, but Toyota actually has more service that comes with the oil change while VW just changes the oil and see what else they can charge you for. If you do your own oil change, there's no difference since all the engine oil costs the same. 

The Jetta will have turbo problem after 100k, and cost to repair is high, luckily I found an independent mechanic fixing it with $500 while VW wanted to charge me over $2000. New Toyota doesn't have turbo, so saved $2000.

Changing the timing belt at VW costs over $1400, and Toyota has chain, so you basically saved $1400.

VW always have electronic wire issue, so cost to fix $$$. 

Overall, is VW cheaper to maintain than Toyota? Nope.