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2017 Honda Civic 2.0L bad gas mileage


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I have a 2017 honda civic with a 2.0 liter N/A engine. I am getting gas mileage around 25-26 mpg. I used to get around 33-34 mpg a year ago. It has 85k miles on it. Maintenance is up to date. No lights on speedometer area. What could be wrong? That seems very low. Its advertised at 32-33 city and 40 on hwy. 

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All advertising is a lie.  If your mileage is seemingly low, check the following -

air filter, clean MAF and MAP sensors and throttle body.  Replace PCV valve and clean or replace the EGR valve.  Check your tires for proper pressure.  New spark plugs and drive like the guy behind you is a cop. 




It's a Honda. Even new Honda engines may need to have their valves adjusted. I think they list it at 60k miles in the owner's manual. You said you used to get 33-34mpg's a year ago. So, something has changed in the car, or your right foot has gotten heavier, lol. Find an honest mechanic and get a thorough health check. I'd bet it needs some tlc.  


If you are relying on a dealer to properly take care of a vehicle, or believe anything they tell you, you are in serious trouble.

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Well I dont know what any of those things are or know how to do any of that. I asked the dealer and they said if they are no lights, their is probably nothing wrong with the car and said doing a test is not worth it.

Forget the dealer and find an honest mechanic.

Ok thank you. I will for sure find a mechanic.